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About us

        SOCHOR was established in 1961 by engineer Andrzej Sochor, who founded a small handicraft plant to operate in acoustic and electronic industry. The company produced headphones for language laboratories, music shops and hearing aids. It also dealt in installation of sound systems in buildings.

        In 1970's and 1980's the company employed about 20 people manufacturing an acoustic device of its own design - a reverberation camera, which was a hit on the domestic market receiving many awards and prizes. The plant also manufactured dynamic microphones for concert bands.

        After the plant underwent a restructuring process in 1990's its, employment level increased to 50 employees as it is at present. Now the company specialises in precision engineering. 90% of its turnover for 15 years has been customised production for German customers. Customers on the domestic market are provided with full offer services.

We continuously modernise our machinery. We dispose of the following equipment:

  • numerically controlled milling machines,
  • turning lathes, including numerically controlled ones,
  • flat-surface grinders, circuit and tool grinders,
  • vertical drills.

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